My name’s Georgie. I’m a breath work practitioner, women’s fitness coach, storyteller and motivational speaker.

I LOVE anything to do with the the art and science of Breath work, Biohacking, women’s fitness, and anything related to optimising human potential. I work day in day out to raise the level of excellence in my life in order to raise it in others.

Master instructor of the Oxygen Advantage method

Breath work / Performance coach for the new era of health care brand, HUM2N

Intuitive Fitness Coach / Head trainer for Dancerbody15 women’s fitness

It’s time to join the breath work revolution………

We take around 24,000 breaths per day, the way we breathe effects every single element of our live, from the quality of our relationships to our brain power, even to our digestion. Every thought and emotion you feel is communicated to the brain stem via, you guessed it, the breath. The majority of our biological functions, around 95% in fact, work autonomically – beyond our conscious control.

The good news is, the breath is the doorway into our subconscious minds, the path to dual control and by far the most important biological function we have. If we can learn to control our breathing, we gain a superhuman capability to influence our own biology. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of drowning in this chaotic world of over stimulation, constant stress and texting as the new form of communication (ew.) – it’s time for a breath work intervention. Time to take back autonomy over our own health, time to take control of our own experience and step into our true potential. In the words of HUM2N, join the revolution, start your evolution.

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Welcome to my universe of content! Here, you’ll find breath work tips and tools, classes, podcasts, blog posts and more. I’ve made it my mission to make the power of the breath accessible and available to as many people as possible.

With the wellness world exploding, starting the journey can feel overwhelming. But optimising your health doesn’t have to be a palaver! Through education and bit of guidance I can help you step into your ultimate potential one breath at a time.

I host a podcast called Just Breathe, I like to talk to lots of different experts about how to be a superhuman…..some people like to listen too.

I started a challenge encourage women to learn more about their cycles. 28 days, 28 videos. A guided breath work practise for every day of your cycle, tailored to the changing hormones throughout the different phases or seasons of the female menstrual cycle. The overarching theme? AWARENESS. Time to harness our period power ladies, it all starts with the breath.
I made this new mini series There will be Blood. frank, unapologetic conversations with the fiercest women I know aiming to crush as many taboos as possible around the topic of women’s health.
I teach women one on one and in groups how to bring fun and joy back into moving their bodies through classes and one to one intuitive fitness coaching. Screw no pain, no gain. There’s one rule in my fitness training, if it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t do it.

Get the extra 1% out of your sports performance…at a time that suits you.

Zero equipment workouts, sports performance breath work and a mindset upgrade. All at a time that suits you.

Influence your biology and get the extra edge on your performance using the most powerful biological function we have – the breath.

Don’t believe me? Try doing any activity, any task, holding your breath. See what I’m getting at?

It’s at the core of everything we do.

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This blog hopes to cultivate awareness of the importance of correct functional breathing through the research of scientists, doctors and other experts who have been studying breath for decades. I will also be sharing my personal experience of the power of breath.

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