My name’s Georgie. I’m a functional breath work specialist, physiotherapist in training and yoga teacher.

I’m a proud master Instructor of Patrick Mckeown’s Oxygen Advantage method and sports performance coach specialising in public speaking and female physiology and the new JENNIS breathing ambassador in collaboration with Jessica-Ennis Hill (scroll down to learn more).

I use the tools learnt through my former acting training and career to coach high flyers in the corporate world to show up with unshakable core confidence. My particular fascination is with the menstrual cycle. I’ve heped a number of women gain a deeper relationship with their own bodies by seizing the power of their hormones. Whether it’s reclaiming your fitness or unlocking effortless presence, focus and confidence, I’ve got your back 100%.


Become an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor getting taught, coached and mentored by Master Oxygen Advantage coaches David Jackson & female specialist Georgie Lawlor.

Welcome to my universe of content! Here, you’ll find breath work tips and tools, classes, podcasts, blog posts and more. I’ve made it my mission to make the power of the breath accessible and available to as many people as possible.

With the wellness world exploding, starting the journey can feel overwhelming. But optimising your health doesn’t have to be a palaver! Through education and bit of guidance I can help you step into your ultimate potential one breath at a time.

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I host a podcast called Just Breathe, I like to talk to lots of different experts about how to be a superhuman…..some people like to listen too.

Get the Female Oxygen Advantage…

Our hormones shift throughout the month, and so should the way we approach our day if we want to maintain balance, health and happiness. You wouldn’t wear a bikini in winter, so why would you smash out the hardest HIIT workout you could find in the late luteul phase of your cycle? Aka. your autumn. Awareness truly is power. The more awareness we have of our own patterns, rhythms and shifts, the more we can take control of our experience and use it to our advantage. Learn how to utilise the oxygen advantage techniques to turn your, and your clients, hormones into superpowers. Once you know, you know and there’s no going back. 

Don’t believe me? Try doing any activity, any task, holding your breath. See what I’m getting at?

It’s at the core of everything we do.


I’m so proud to say I’m the new JENNIS breath work ambassador, working to normalise the daily integration of simple breath work tools to help women and girls learn to self regulate no matter where they are in their cycle.

Learning to work WITH your body rather than against it, JENNIS inspires others to run their own race rather than attempting to fit in with false perfectionist ideals and perceived societal expectations.

Downloading the JENNIS app is super simple and once you do, you’ll not only be able to log your cycle days and cycle symptoms, you’ll also gain access to workouts with the incredible Jessica Ennis-Hill, Yoga sessions with the amazing Lina and breath work with yours truly!

Every week I upload a weekly 15 minute breathing tool that’s simple, effective and easy to integrate into your day-to-day. Anyone who works with me knows I always advocate integration over interruption. You DO NOT need to set hours aside to do breath work. You take around 24,000 breaths per day, that’s 24,000 chances to shift your experience and up-level your health.
I made this new mini series There will be Blood. frank, unapologetic conversations with the fiercest women I know aiming to crush as many taboos as possible around the topic of women’s health.
I teach women one on one and in groups how to bring fun and joy back into moving their bodies through classes and one to one intuitive fitness coaching. Screw no pain, no gain. There’s one rule in my fitness training, if it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t do it.

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This blog hopes to cultivate awareness of the importance of correct functional breathing through the research of scientists, doctors and other experts who have been studying breath for decades. I will also be sharing my personal experience of the power of breath.

I was featured in….

I’ve left the session with Georgie with so much hope! 

I have been following Georgie’s breathing journey for some time now and personally have thoroughly enjoyed her podcasts. But this hope that I have is for my mum. 
My mum has been battling with many health problems and has been really burnt from doctors not listening to how she is feeling, with little progress made.  I messaged Georgie to see if she might be able to help or point us in the direction of getting some kind of relief for my mum. She was quick to offer her time and gain a greater idea about what is going on. 

Georgie made my mum feel so heard whilst also encouraging her with scientific reasons why she could be feeling the way she is. Georgie continued to educate my mum (and me!) using really easy language to explain how the body is so interconnected and with a few simple breathing exercises she can make small steps in the direction of healing. 

Thank you Georgie for allowing me to be in the session. Seeing someone you love in so much pain for so long can be challenging to stay optimistic but you have given me hope that things can change. 

Kirsty Fuller – West End performer

Patient and  inspiring, Georgie Lawlor, showed me how to optimise my health and energy through breath work. How revitalising to be re-introduced to something I must have always known!  She made it fascinating, and fun too. The benefits were immediately obvious. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Esther Freud – Novelist