Image: Adam Wagner

Whether you’re dealing with asthma, anxiety or just want to optimise your health to feel your best, I’ve got your back.

Optimising your breathing at rest..

“Breathing during rest and light movement such as walking or yoga should be imperceptible, never noticeable” A quote from my teacher, Patrick McKeown, the worlds leading expert in the reeducation of breath. Think about it, “fit” people do a great deal whilst breathing very little, “unfit” people breathe a lot whilst doing very little. Optimise your breathing at rest, including whilst you’re asleep, and you’ll find yourself with higher energy levels, increased resilience, decreased stress and even a longer life!

Reducing stress…

Cadence breathing, a foundational practise that I use regularly in my programme, is the best known method to increase heart rate variability and increase vagal tone. The higher your heart rate variability, the more resilient you are, the more flexible you are in times of stress the more you have the power to respond rather than react. In today’s fast paced, western world we are continuously being over stimulated and as a result ‘burnout’ has become normalised. If you are breathing dysfunctionally, even when you perceive yourself to be relaxing, your body and mind will remain in a state of stress – this is absolutely detrimental for our health and must be addressed. Balance your nervous system, reduce stress and experience a whole new experience of reality – being in flow.

Implementing transformational techniques to find FREEDOM through CONFIDENCE…

Using a range of hormetic stress techniques, we disturb the body’s equilibrium to cause positive adaptations. Practised in moderation and over time these techniques are known to have a positive effect on stress levels, attention span, emotional regulation and the immune system. They can also be extremely effective for those suffering with a racing mind, anxiety and fatigue.

For those looking to improve their sports performance, we incorporate high altitude training to reduce the perception and onset of breathlessness, improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity, improve respiratory muscle strength, delay onset of lactic acid and fatigue and reduce chemo sensitivity to carbon dioxide.

What my clients are saying…

I’ve been struggling with dysfunctional breathing without being aware of it for a very long time. It only contributed to the stress levels, anxiety, physical symptoms like chest tension and pains, discomfort during physical activity. Georgie introduced me to the techniques which help me regulate my breathing to minimise stress levels as well as improve my performance while running. She has a vast understanding of women’s monthly cycle and how breath work can help with some issues experience by women. I’m grateful to Georgie for raising awareness of breath work and as subtle and simple the changes may seem, I can confirm changing the way we breathe is revolutionary!


“Breathing is one of the only things we do that is under both conscious and unconscious control in our autonomic nervous system. For that simple reason, it is our gateway into our nervous system.”

Patrick McKeown