What you are not changing, you’re choosing…read that again.

Something my amazing mentor shared with me that got my mind ticking over intentions and how we integrate them into our day to day lives…

🌙 If we continue to act on the same limiting beliefs, if we invest in the same narratives regarding our own self worth and potential, why would we expect anything other than the same outcome to keep reoccurring? Until we accept the current narrative is of no use to us, until we begin to embody a new idea or new intention we can’t expect to see any change.

🌙What if everything you did wasn’t just a mere accident but a choice? Could we reach a level of awareness where every decision, every action was done with intention? And what impact would that have on our day to day lives? I’ve found that actively slowing the pace at which I act on things allows me to consider the choices i make and then, if needs be, choose again. Until living with the new narrative becomes habitual (unconscious competence), the new choice will be something that has to be consciously implemented. A practise that will need to be applied daily.

🌙Sometimes, and speaking from personal experience, we can go too far with this idea. Suddenly creating ideals and schedules to try to adhere with some imaginary perfectionist protocol. I’ve learnt, and I learnt the hard way, that the key word here is “try”. As soon as we try or force, we’ve stepped out of flow and into survival mode.

🌙 So can we go forth embodying the energy of our intention and then let go and surrender to the present moment? Allowing that to organise the doings of the day. Swapping effort for energy.

🌙 A brilliant analogy that really resonates with me is the tug of war rope. You pull and pull and pull and often the more you pull the harder the force of opposition pulls you the other way. So what I’m saying is, let go of the rope. Let go of any need to control the logistics or the direction. This too is a daily practise, and you will mess up, I still do at least once a week. But every mistake is a great gift in the lessons we take from it.

🌙My intention this week is that whenever I feel myself tugging, I will choose again and let go of the rope…what’s yours?

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