Let’s talk about flexibility..

Let’s talk about flexibility whilst I hang upside down on my beautiful mandala mat from @intentions_yoga (discount code: GEORGIEINT10) 

I feel super honoured to be part of the @thehumanprogramme and here are a few takeaways from a brilliant seminar on the science of flexibility with @flexibility.research 

✨Flexibility is foundational to any kind of motor ability I.e strength, endurance, speed, agility, co-ordination, but it is also a motor ability in its own right. 

✨There are four types of flexibility…dynamic active, dynamic passive, static active and static passive, an example of this last one being the splits.

✨Flexibility is the ability to get your joints and the segments around your joints into the positions you want them to go in. 

✨ANYTIME you move you will either develop, maintain or decrease flexibility and your static passive flexibility determines all your other states of flexibility.

✨Generally speaking, static active stretching has the best results for men and static passive for women due to men having naturally thicker muscle fibres.

✨When you are fatigued the stretch reflex is less and if you stretch when warm, as the muscles cool, you can create permanent adaptation.

So next time you feel like skipping stretching, think again!

Awareness is key, knowledge is empowering…take back autonomy and come back to your HUMAN.

Keep breathing friends 

Love Georgie x 


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