Be the witness, without having to be the interpreter..

Breathe with Georgie

Awareness is the foundation of any breath work practise….the question is, can you resist the temptation to create an interpretation of what you observe?

Allowing yourself time and space to look inward is one thing, but the real challenge is, can you remove a need to explain the going’s on of your own body and mind and simply be the witness of your own thoughts, feelings and sensations from a place of non-judgement?

The more I practise, the more heightened my awareness becomes and the quicker I can tap into it. My most recent hurdle however has been how to not over think the f**k out of certain things I observe. 

Observing things I like are easy…things I’m grateful for, feelings of bliss, wholeness and oneness. But what about feelings of unease, discomfort, trauma…those darker parts of ourselves. How can we resist the urge to NEED TO UNDERSTAND what it all means?

What I’ve come to realise with those less comfy observations is that as soon as you start to interpret them..”this means I must be this” or “I’m clearly in THIS place right now” give weight to them, you start to construct a narrative around those observations, this creates a spiral of over thinking, anxiety and inevitably prolonged, unnecessary suffering. You may be doing all the right practises and reading all the best self help books but if you’re still stuck in a loop of over thinking…you’ve lost the essence of practise, not to do, just to BE.

This is the journey of acceptance. Total acceptance of what is. Whatever that is. It’s all simply experience. And if we can sit with it, if we can remain present with it……we come back to curiosity, we become changeable, we allow ourselves to simply be, without having to “do” anything about all those problems we construct in our minds.

Try it this week….take 2 minutes to take a few gentle deep breaths and notice your thoughts, notice your feelings, notice your sensations…with no need to interpret their meaning, with no obligation other than to be with all that you are in this moment, remembering that that is enough. 

Have a wonderful week, and keep breathing…Love Georgie x

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