Your life is a reflection of your beliefs….

An excerpt from one of my favourite reads…Inner excellence by Jim Murphy @pgatourmentalcoach ✨

✨The foundation of extraordinary performance, joy and confidence – and the primary skill to learn – is how to believe.

✨Beliefs are the control panel of your life, a subconscious thermostat, keeping your life in line with your comfort levels. To improve performance (and your life) in a consistent, powerful way, you must change your beliefs about who you are and what’s possible.

To change your internal belief system takes a heightened awareness and an incredible ability to focus. 

The best way to up-level both of these qualities? The breath! It’s the most consistent mechanism you have! Thoughts are incredibly inconsistent and unreliable, not to mention unhelpful at the best of times. Emotions often get the blame for an inability to focus, but the breath? It’s wave like flow creates a portrait mode vision that brings clarity, focus and coherence to an otherwise messy mind.

The longer you can hold your focus on something as simple as your breathing, the more your attention span and ability to become hyper focused increases.

Awareness = Autonomy 
Focus = Progress

How long can you focus on your breathing before your mind starts to wander?

Let me know in the comments.

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