Upcoming courses and workshops

Here, you’ll find my upcoming workshops, retreats and classes running both in person and online.

3 Day Certification

23rd to 25th June 2023

Become an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor getting taught, coached and mentored by Master Oxygen Advantage coaches David Jackson & female specialist Georgie Lawlor.

Oxygen Advantage – Female Breathing

Women are not small men. We have our own unique rhythms and cycles and considerable physiological differences. This course helps you can an understanding of how to track, sync and utilise your hormones and unique female physiology to your ultimate advantage.

121 Instructor training.

Gain the ultimate toolkit to help yourself and others breathe, live and feel better. Whether you’re a Coach, Teacher or just want to gain a deeper understanding for yourself there is so much to benefit from this course. Online tuition with Patrick McKeown included.

The Intuitive Fitness Programme

I take a mindful, intuitive approach to exercise. On my terms, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to fitness.

Me and my clients live by the framework awareness, regulation, transformation. Getting to know what makes you tick, what leaves you buzzing, what ignites your inner Beyonce both in an outside the gym…more of that please.

Success stories…

“As a triathlete, a great aspect to working with Georgie is that we developed Oxygen Advantage based breath protocols during actual bike and run sessions. I really valued this breath ‘in practice’ and mapping shifts in HR, Watts, and Pace into a breath protocol that I could experiment with in training. I quickly discovered, Georgie is acutely attentive to how the individual responds, adaptive and rigorous in her approach and incredibly knowledgeable. I have gained an awareness of the central nervous system and how it is possible to access a more parasympathetic dominant(calmer) state. Georgie has shown me how to explore my newfound respiratory agency and use it to reduce stress on the body and mind whether during exercise or, in life generally. Cheers Georgie!”

Alex Le Bek – Team GB Triathlete

 “For myself, I came to her during the Covid crisis of 2021, suffering from a worsening of my asthma and severe COPD problems.  Over the course of ten weeks she has helped me immensely, a task not without difficulty as she was dealing with habits formed over a period of seventy plus years together with the medical situation.

To her immense credit she was up to the task and has set me on the road to much better health and, most importantly a clear understanding of my situation and how to help it. I am now able to be in control of my breathing instead of it controlling me.”

Zeke Dennington