Breath work for Charities

According to research carried out by Third Sector, nine in 10 charity workers have felt stress, overwhelm or burnout over the last year. The research showed that 90% of respondents had taken on extra work in order to tackle the side effects of the pandemic. In a sector, that is often under resourced and underfunded, with employees tackling multiple roles many end up exhausted and mentally drained.

How I work….

Optimal breathing = Optimal health and wellbeing

I describe my classes as an opportunity for you to take back a moment of your day where your state of mind would otherwise be dictated by that which you have no control over – your circumstances. We have zero control over our circumstances, but we can control our response. Breathing is the most important biological function we have, it is at the core of everything we do. Through regular sessions I work to give you the tools to take back control of your experience, your health and your life both in and out of the office. You’ll learn how to regulate your nervous system, how to stay cool under pressure, you’ll learn head-heart coherence to work better alongside other colleagues and you’ll learn how to tap into your ultimate state of hyper focus to give 100% to a cause you care about. These lessons are simple to learn and easy to integrate into your every day. The results however, are incredibly powerful and last a lifetime. 

Less stress = more resilience 

Breath work is a fantastic tool for increasing heart rate variability meaning, our body is more flexible when it comes to facing a stressful situations allowing us to respond rather than react and up confidence levels, something of huge benefit when it comes to communicating and collaborating in working relationships.

Increased awareness = sharper focus 

Did you know the average attention span in the modern western world is around 8 seconds? The equivalent attention span of a goldfish. By focussing on the breath for as little as ten minutes per day you can rapidly increase your attention span. Something of great use to not only the individual employee, but the collective as a whole.

The sessions are 1 hour in length and are hosted via zoom.