The yearly financial cost of stress in the workplace has been revealed by recent research as £700 million a year.

Optimal breathing = Optimal health and wellbeing

I like to keep things simple and straightforward, giving a little insight in to the science of the breath work so participants know how the exercise is benefiting them before we move through the exercise itself. I like to give an over view of how dysfunctional breathing causes issues both mentally and physically, especially in terms of sleep quality, stress management, compassion levels, energy levels and ability to focus, to then explain how these small incremental changes can be easily implemented into their day to day to bring mass improvements to their quality of life. I also incorporate easy functional movement in to my workshops to aid better posture and prevent neck and back pain, the source of which is usually poor breathing habits. 

Less stress = more resilience

 I incorporate breath work techniques and strategies to build resilience. Breath work is a fantastic tool for increasing heart rate variability meaning, our body is more flexible when it comes to facing a stressful situations allowing us to respond rather than react and up confidence levels, something of huge benefit when it comes to communicating both professionally and personally.

Increased awareness = sharper focus

Did you know the average attention span in the modern western world is around 8 seconds? The equivalent attention span of a goldfish. By focussing on the breath for as little as ten minutes per day you can rapidly increase your attention span. Something of great use to not only the individual employee, but the collective as a whole.

‘Thanks for sharing your knowledge – fantastic! So calming. Will practice this when I’m exercising too!’


Time to bring balance back to the work place .