The yearly financial cost of stress in the workplace has been revealed by recent research as £700 million a year.

I like to keep things simple, straightforward and to the point. Arming your team with applicable tools to gain better focus, communication, motivation and increased quality of life in the workplace.

Session one: AWARENESS

You wouldn’t buy a train ticket without knowing your starting destination right? Self-improvement is no different. Here, we take a deep dive into how to become more aware of your habitual patterns, behaviours and responses. We’ll also go through how to do a daily check in, check your CO2 tolerance and WHY conscious awareness is the key to optimal health and performance.

Session two: Presence under pressure

Did you know the yearly financial cost of stress in the workplace has been revealed by recent research as £700 million a year?

In this session, we learn simple, easily integrateable techniques to build levels of resilience and presence. Allowing you to respond, rather than react and bounce back from stressful situations quickly.

Session three: Find your flow

The key to hyper-productivity and ultra focus, is an understanding of how to access the flow state.We’ll explore this here, utilising simple techniques to have the maxiumum effect.  We’ll also discuss how to beat procrastination and regain focus when it slips.

Session four: Confidence hacks

This session is all about boosting self esteem. Whether you need a boost to give a big presentation at work or would just like to walk a little taller in your day to day. This workshop will get you feeling lik you can concor the world!

Sessions five and six: It depends on you!

In my experience, I’ve found each company I work with to be individual in thier company culture, group dynamics and the individual needs of whoever is in the session. So, i like to leave the focus for sessions five and six open for a more tailored approach to the needs of the specific group. Some groups like to dive deeper into a theme we’ve already explored where as others request specific workshops on sleep, how to build new  habits or even sports performance!

The copy and paste method has simply never worked for me. My philosophy to holding space for self-improvement of others is deeply rooted in an individualised approach.

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‘Thanks for sharing your knowledge – fantastic! So calming. Will practice this when I’m exercising too!’


Time to bring balance back to the work place .