Together, we explore all the incredible benefits the Oxygen Advantage method has to offer.

Functional vs. Dysfunctional

Minute by minute, breath fulfils its vital role, providing the body with oxygen, regulating physical mechanisms in the lungs, heart, and blood vessels, and even moderating the stress response. If your breathing is dysfunctional your breathing cannot fulfil its role efficiently. Let’s use the analogy of a car. You’ll still get where you want to go with a run down, rusty engine, but you’re going to have a much more efficient, comfortable ride in the Lamborghini. Optimise your breathing, be the Lamborghini.

Optimal breathing = Optimal movement

If your breathing is dysfunctional, your movement is dysfunctional. Meaning, you are at higher risk of injury, bodily fatigue and those general aches, pains and niggles that we could really do without. A key focus in my teachings is breathing biomechanics. This creates intra abdominal pressure, providing postural support and spinal stabilisation for functional movement. Less pain, more energy, more strength…it all starts with the breath.

Building your breathing toolkit

Breath work really is about taking back the power. Having a solid breathing toolkit, a series of techniques you can implement to bring yourself back to balance no matter what circumstances you are facing, allows you to take control of your own experience and take back autonomy over your own health. So long as you’re breathing, you can use these tools to optimise your health anywhere, at any time, the power is in your hands.

‘I have done the Oxygen Advantage class with Georgie and was so impressed by this new class’

Anne-Marie, Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing

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