The Intuitive fitness programme

I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer and mindfulness coach and I like to combine the two. My belief is that if you want to look your best self, we must start by feeling our best selves from the inside out. The journey is just as important as the destination. JOY IS KEY.

I take a mindful, intuitive approach to exercise. On my terms, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to fitness.

How I work:

My programme is completely tailored to each individual client depending on their wants and needs. If someone comes to me wanting to do a triathlon then a structured fitness regime is appropriate, because they are working towards a goal that is not pressurised around aesthetics which creates stress, guilt and anxiety, but for most the real goal lies in simply looking and feeling your best and that is ONLY possible and sustainable when you develop a healthy relationship with your body, fitness and food. My goal for all my clients is that they ENJOY their movement time and are able to put that sense of play back into their lives. That doesn’t mean we take it easy, quite the opposite, the crazy thing is, when you take the pressure off of meeting the ideal of some patriarchal prototype, when you listen to what YOUR body needs and act on it, that’s when you suddenly realise you have the body you’ve always wanted along with a feeling of restored energy and freedom…sound good? Let’s chat.

My framework

I work with one particular framework with every client. Awareness, regulation, transformation. Getting to know what makes you tick, what leaves you buzzing, what ignites your inner Beyonce both in an outside the gym…more of that please. Regulation, we highlight anything thats holding us back from feeling fabulous and we work to decrease and eventually eliminate it, whilst also working to increase endurance, strength and flexibility to up that feel good factor..oh yeh! Transformation, this is where the magic happens, as your mindset starts to shift to seeing fitness as your movement playtime and your goal as feeling your best self, you’ll find you won’t be able to stop moving! Not only will your body look its best, one from the decrease of stress and two because of having more motivation to move, you’ll have more of a spring in your step than every before.

What does the programme include..

  • x1 121 training session per week to optimise your breathing and fitness levels
  • Tailored workout programme for in-between sessions
  • Monthly mindset group coaching
  • On hand advice, support and guidance

Let’s make it happen..

I work both on a group and 121 basis, depending on your wants and needs. I work both in person, at the fitness rooms in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and online via zoom. ( ever you are, I’m here to tell you its time to break up with your fitness tracker and start listening to your body. So are you ready?

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What my clients have to say…

My time training with Georgie was amazing, I was very new to exercise and she made training so much fun for me, no two sessions were the same and it was great feeling myself progress every week!
My strength & fitness improved massively, and Georgie is very knowledgeable and was super helpful with any questions I had.


Georgina, my personal trainer was great. She had an excellent approach to each session, and I found her to be a motivating influence. I so looked forward to my sessions with her, it became a highlight of my week. I have noticed a major change in posture especially and everyone says how fit and strong I look. Thank you Georgina for all your efforts and keeping me always on my toes!


Put the fun back in to your fitness