An insight on internal belief systems…

Canva, I love you.

I was listening to a great episode of School of Greatness with @lewishowes and @gabbybernstein and this quote came up. It was one of those brilliantly simple lightbulb moments….something that you had heard said in a million different ways countless times before. But there was something about the way she said it that got my curious brain ticking.

Thoughts become things…..the dominant thoughts in your mind naturally evolve into your beliefs. We’re creatures of habit and we’re made that way. But how much more weight is there to the word belief than the word thought? A LOT MORE RIGHT?! So if even your negative beliefs about yourself originated with “just a thought”, couldn’t we reverse the process and take back some control over our internal belief system? That internal belief system which dictates almost every course of action we take on this crazy rollercoaster ride we call life? Heck yeh we can!

As soon as we start to tap into the power of awareness, we start to realise that we are not our thoughts….nor need we “attach” to that which we previously believed to be a true statement about ourselves; “I’m so unfit” “I’m just not one of THOSE PEOPLE” (what does that even mean though?) “No one will love me” etc etc. what if they were all just menial thoughts? Would they have even half the significance? Considering the average person has around 6000 thoughts per day, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications by psychologists at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, I’m leaning towards a no.

When we have this realisation, we give ourselves the opportunity to choose again. To acknowledge those “thoughts” as the energy zappers which are not serving us and flip them to ones that do.  Of course, this is a process in itself. And no, it’s not that simple but over time ….it can be. Awareness takes practise, shifting your belief system takes time. But the outcome, total bliss and freedom are well worth stepping onto that bridge.

So next time you catch yourself expressing a belief that doesn’t serve you. Pause. Take a breath. Acknowledge it for what it is. A thought, a pretty useless one too. And see if you can conjure up a better one. And just notice, does your energy shift a little? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It’s all exploration, it’s all simply experience.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Keep breathing 

Love Georgie x 

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